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a letter from Fred Rogers
everything must go ep
Jan EP, "Everything Must Go," released September 2007 by Guilt Ridden Pop.

More music and show dates: Jan's myspace page.

Jeaneen Gauthier, vocals/guitars.
Nick Hook, drums.
Jacques Wait, bass/synths.
Produced/recorded by Jacques Wait.
Jan at the Loring Pasta Bar
Jan at Nomad Pub
Jan at the old Hexagon Bar
original Jan lineup
Jan bassist Johnny O'Halloran
strange people
jeaneen gauthier
smoke and mirrors ep
Smoke + Mirrors, 2004, Me! Records

Jeaneen Gauthier, guitar/vocals/piano
Nick Hook, drums
Johnny O'Halloran, bass
Produced/recorded by Jacques Wait.

1. Smoke + Mirrors
2. Everybody Changes
3. Ooh Ah Baby
4. (My Real Family Lives In) Canada

LISTEN: (My Real Family Lives In) Canada

the early year

The Early Year, 2001, Me! Records

Jeaneen Gauthier, guitar/vocals/organ
Andrew Gruhn, bass
Nick Hook, drums
Produced/recorded by Jacques Wait.

1. Things I Imagine
2. Baby Forgot How
3. Dreamin'
4. Happy All The Time
5. Dumb Guy
6. (I Just Wanna) See Your Face
7. Fred Rogers
8. Anxious Imaginations
9. Scanner
10. Unknown Country
11. Baby G
12. Lullaby

LISTEN:--- Fred Rogers--- Dumb Guy

very early jan demo

Hi. We're Jan. 1999

Jeaneen Gauthier, guitar/vocals
Andrew Gruhn, bass, drums
Produced/recorded by Mike wisti.

1. Dreamin'
2. Unknown Country

Limited release.
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