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detail from happy zen pattern by jeaneen gauthier

My mission is to leave the world a little more beautiful and more interesting than when I found it, and to help people grow their imaginations. My medium for doing this is art, music, and writing.

Visit my new blog The Artist Lifestyle, where I ponder the mysteries of the world from an artist’s perspective.

If you are interested in calligraphy, you might like my book, Calligraphy 101.

In the meantime, some of my artwork for your viewing pleasure:

Untitled (Growth) by Jeaneen Gauthier
Untitled (Growth), acrylic and gouache on canvas.

The New Mayan Calendar by Jeaneen Gauthier
The New Mayan Calendar, acrylic on canvas.
Good news! I have single-handedly averted the end of the world by creating this new Mayan calendar. Now it just needs to be decoded.

a psychic collage entitled Taoist Sages
Wisdom of the Taoist Sages, psychic collage on paper.

love on ice illustration by jeaneen gauthier
Love On Ice, Ink and watercolor paper.

jeaneen gauthier link to my email
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